Final Day Of Our Short Trip Back To Honduras

The primary reason we made this whirlwind trip to Honduras was to renew our Honduran residency. We had spent 18 months trying to obtain our residency. In having our residency we have more freedom, not the least of which is eliminating the requirement to leave the country every 90 days. If we didn’t renew our residency in person this week we would have been required to start the time consuming and expensive process all over again.

Honduran residency cardsWith the help of our Honduran attorney, today we secured renewal of our Honduran residency and new identification cards. It all happened much easier and faster than we anticipated.

In addition, Mike had a few more important meetings, Erin helped a few folks with medical concerns and Madison got to spend the day with a dear friend.

This was a very busy trip, but we have been able to successfully accomplish all (and more) of the things we set out to. On Friday we fly back to Arizona, where we will continue our furlough until we drive back to Honduras in April.