It Feels Weird

Our family has been in the U.S. on furlough since September. On Friday we concluded a 4-day trip to Honduras and flew back to the US. It feels so odd to be heading back to the U.S. to conclude the final six weeks of our time on furlough.

We love the U.S. and really enjoy sharing our ministry with people. But, this short trip did much to remind all of us that we really want to be back in Honduras. It is simply one of those things where we KNOW that God has called us to be in Honduras, but that we just can’t be there right now. We love living and serving and working in Honduras and we really look forward to returning.

The good news is that we know that our ministry is in great hands. The McCanns, the Clows, Leo and Behtany are all wonderful and capable missionaries.

Please be in prayer for us that we remain 100% dedicated to our current job of raising awareness and support for our work in Honduras. We want to remain focused and dedicated to our call no matter where that is. The next six weeks we are called to glorify God in the U.S. and after that we can return to Honduras.