Zealous Senders

This is the part of mission work that most missionaries loathe…asking for money. For the few of you who are still reading – 1) I am surprised, and 2) prepare to be entertained. My gift to you, oh dedicated reader, is to shock you. Here it goes…I am not like most missionaries. I love asking for money.

I enjoy asking for money because it gives me the chance to share with others the opportunity to glorify God by supporting His amazing work in Honduras. John Piper said, “There are only three kinds of Christians when it comes to world missions: zealous goers, zealous senders, and disobedient.” The senders are equally as called to send missionaries as the goers are called to go. Your calling to support missions is just as profound as my call to move to Honduras. So, when we are asking you to support our work financially, we are providing you with the opportunity to do what every Christian has been called to do – send.

In Matthew 28:19-20 & Acts 1:8 God clearly establishes that He intends for us to go into the entire world and preach the Gospel. We are commanded to “make disciples.” The local church (read: all Christians) has the command to preach the Gospel in its own geographical area (Jerusalem), in its region (all Judea), to other regions (Samaria) and to the “end of the earth.”

God established that the people He had set apart to serve Him (pastors, missionaries, etc) would be supported financially by other Christians. (Numbers 18:8-14, 21, 24)

Many times in the New Testament (Philippians 4:10-16; 2 Corinthians 8:1-5) we see that fellow Christians gave sacrificially to support Paul’s missionary work.

The people of Jesus’ time financially supported Him and His workers. (Luke 8:3)

The Pettengill family needs new individuals, families and churches to partner with us. Our greatest need is regular, predictable, monthly financial support. Monthly support allows us to budget and plan. Please prayerfully consider partnering with our Honduran ministry by giving monthly. You can join our team by printing THIS FORM, filling it out and mailing it in.