It Was Like Watching A Train Wreck And I Couldn’t Turn Away

On Sunday we attended church, shared about Honduras and had lunch with some great folks at Rincon Mountain Presbyterian in Tucson. Tucson is about 2 ½ hours from where we are temporarily living in Phoenix.

After church Dave, a Christian mechanic, swapped vehicles with us so he could take a week to do some work on our Honduran truck…for free…score 1 for Dave.

Our family was headed back to Phoenix in Dave’s loaner car when his vehicle gasped, wheezed, shuttered and broke down. There we were 1 ½ hours outside of Tucson, an hour from Phoenix, sitting in the center divide, in the desert, with a dead car.

Dave's car...deadMike called Dave, “Hi uh, Dave, yeah, I killed your car.” After a little thinking and praying Dave called us back and said, “Ok, I’m gonna jump in my RV and drive to where you are. We’ll tow the car into Phoenix and I’ll get you home.”…really?…score 1 for Dave.

So, there our little family sat in the hot sun, on a busy freeway, between four lanes of dangerous traffic. A county sheriff pulled over to check on us. While the cop and Mike were talking we other dead carheard, “screech, screech, spin, crash”. We all looked up to see that as a car was driving past its tire blew, it skidded out of control and came to an abrupt stop in the center divide with a broken axle about a hundred feet from us…ok…that was weird.

Three hours later Dave showed up in his RV. The sun had set and it was pitch dark. Dave raced to hook the car up to the RV in the dark alongside a dangerous freeway. All was set and off we went…Dave, our hero…score 1 for Dave.

Immediately after pulling onto the freeway cars began passing us, honking, and flashing their lights. Dave said in his typical calm tone as he looked in the side mirror, “Wow, there’s lots of sparks and nice tiresmoke flying back there.” We pulled to the side of the road and saw that the tire on the car was flat. It appeared that we left the emergency break on the car, which popped the tire and ground the steel wheel down several inches.

We changed the tire, hopped on the freeway and Dave got us back to Phoenix an hour later. At 9:30pm we pulled into our neighborhood. Dave exclaimed, “You guys look like you need dinner. Let me buy you something to eat.”…really Dave?…we just killed your car…score 1 for Dave.

Dave spent the night at our home and in the morning said, “Well, you guys need a car, so I’m going to get you a rental car until I fix your truck.”…really Dave?…you’re fixing our truck for free, we killed your car, you drove us home, bought us dinner and our reward is a free rental car…score 1 for Dave.

So, in the midst of one of our cruddiest days in a long time God sent His angle. It appears God is out of the fat little angels with harps and wings and He has now resorted to using 50 year old, longhaired mechanics from Tucson as angels…score 1 for God.

Praise God. And, thank you Dave!