Honduran Women Get A Day Off

The typical woman in Armenia Bonito is a single mom with several kids and no dad in the home. Many of these women were thrust into adulthood when they become mothers as teens. Their days of carefree joy and frolicking are long behind them.

Nine special ladies from Armenia BonitoOur team took nine ladies from Armenia Bonito to a local hotel for a day off. The purpose of the trip was for the women to feel special and pampered. Each of these women are mothers who care for their kids, clean their homes and bring money into the house. However, this day was a day of no kids, no men, and no responsibility.

serving each otherThe ladies gave each other pedicures, chased each other in the pool (most had never been in a pool), acted like kids in the ocean, ate lunch and took naps in hammocks. It was the first time, since becoming moms, each of them had ever had a full day away from their kids and housework. It was glorious watching these women have a day to relax!

Bible message on "the tonge"Our teammates Bethany, Kathy and Lindsey organized and hosted this great event. Lindsey did a major chunk of the work including delivering a Bible message on “the tongue”. It was a rare and cheerful time for these women to be served.