Honduran Works Moving Fast In Armenia Bonito

For over a year our Honduran workers have been constructing our ministry center in Armenia Bonito. These men live in this community and are showing great pride on this facility that will serve their neighbors and families. Our ministry center will ultimately consist of an indoor soccer field, high school, medical clinic and church.

our high school in Armenia BonitoThe men have been concentrating on work related to the high school. They now have the walls up on the second story of the building. Their next move will be to erect the roof so that they can work on the interior of the building and remain protected from the blazing sun and rain.

working on the new floorsThe workers have also started setting and pouring the floor for the first level of the high school. It is simply astonishing how dedicated these me are to this project and how they are pouring their hearts into the quality and detail.