A Roof On The Dorm

We have been building on our downtown ministry center for several months. When it is done it will host a high school, homeless children center, church, medical clinic, seminary and a dorm to sleep short-term missionaries.

Our Honduran workers have been racing to try and make the first floor of the two-story dorm livable. It is our hope that the first floor of the dorm can be completed by June 4th so that our first of 10 summer short-term mission teams can sleep there instead of our crowded house.

starting the roofOn Tuesday the workers poured the entire cement roof. It only took them one day. They started at 9:30am and finished at 5:30p. They used three trucks (or 19 cubic meters) of cement. It was a long day and the men are tired. But, hey did a great job.

the complete roof on the first floor of the dormThe entire two-story dorm will not be ready by June 4th, but if we have the first floor livable and safe by then we should be able to sleep up to 30 missionaries in a facility complete with toilets, showers, electricity and super secure doors and windows.

Please keep praying that the next two months are complete with safety, hard work and sufficient funds to reach our deadline.