Two Church Farewells In One Day

Our family spent Sunday visiting two of our supporting churches and saying farewell to lots of friends.

In the morning we attended Covenant Community Church of Scottsdale. Pastor Barnes preached a wonderful message following a half-dozen baptisms. It was a very emotional service and it was a joy to say goodbye to many friends and supporters. We look forward to seeing the team from CovCom this summer in Honduras.

In the evening we made the 5-hour round trip to Tucson to worship with Rincon Mountain. We heard another great message and received communion. There are so many great people at this church and we also look forward to seeing a team from Rincon down in Honduras this summer. After service we enjoyed a great meal with the missions chair and his wife, and the leader of the short-term team and his wife.

We said so many emotional goodbyes in one day but that simply affirms that we have made so many new friends in recent months.