Driving Back To Honduras – Day 2

This 3500-mile car trip should take about six or seven days. From Arizona we are driving through Mexico and Guatemala and ultimately back to La Ceiba, Honduras.

Monday we drove 12 hours and covered 663 miles. We spent the night in Ft. Stockton, TX.

DQWe have packed enough food for our breakfasts and lunches, but we have budgeted for one meal a day. We had our last dinner in the U.S. Unfortunately, it was Dairy Queen. Not that DQ is bad, just not what you’d hope for your last meal. But, that was what was there.

80Our drive through New Mexico was uneventful, unattractive and slow. Once we got into Texas the speed and scenery picked up a little. Eighty miles per hour speed limits can help any drive.

Tuesday is the day we cross the Mexico border. If all goes well we should be into Mexico around noon.

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