Driving Back To Honduras – Day 4

This 3500-mile car trip should take about six or seven days. From Arizona we drove through the U.S. and are now in Mexico. Next up is Guatemala and ultimately back to La Ceiba, Honduras.

Wednesday we drove 11 hours and covered 507 miles. We drove from Monclova, Mexico to Querétaro, Mexico.

When we were about to pull away from the hotel in the morning Mike realized his wallet was missing. We spent an hour turning the car and the hotel room upside down. We never found the wallet and drove away. Mike is missing a debit card, credit card, CA license and Honduran ID card. Nobody has charged anything on the cards, so we assume we have misplaced it in the car and it will turn up, but we truly don’t know. We’d love your prayers.

GPS and mapThis being our second drive through Mexico we have learned a little about navigation. We trust our GPS a little. We trust our map a little. We trust the road signs a little. None of the methods are perfect, but together they seem to work.

sleepingBecause of our excessive number of bags in the bed of the truck our 100 lbs. rottweiler is in the back seat with Madison the entire trip. Neither seems to complain too much. In fact they take turns sleeping on each other.

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