Driving Back To Honduras – Days 4 And 5

This 3500-mile car trip should take about six or seven days. From Arizona we drove through the U.S. and Mexico and have entered Guatemala. Next up is Honduras.

North ArcThursday we drove from Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico to Matías Romero, Mexico. It was 536 miles and 13 hours. This was a great day of driving. We feared driving anywhere close to Mexico City. Something about driving through the 5th largest metropolitan area in the world was intimidating. About 50 miles before downtown Mexico City we found the North Arc. For a fee you could enter toll road and drive on fresh, new roads that curved all the way around Mexico City and allowed chicken drivers an easy bypassing the area altogether.

Thursday night we stayed in our dumpiest hotel of the trip. It was very sleep-able, but nothing you’d want to take your mom to.

wind turbinesOn Friday we drove from Matías Romero to Guatemala City, Guatemala. It was 492 miles and took 13 hours. In order to try and make Guatemala City by sunset we got on the road at 6:30am. At sunrise we were treated to a massive wind turbine farm along the Pacific coast. Clear, fast roads got us to the Mexico/Guatemala border just after noon. With little fanfare we cleared the border in 40 minutes. We took CA 2 (a different route than last time) and got into our hotel in Guatemala City just after 7:30pm.

Mike’s wallet has still not shown up, but there are still no charges on his credit cards. We think it must be in our bags someplace.

Lord willing we will be in our own beds in La Ceiba, Honduras Saturday night.

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