Almost Ready To Finish

Our team is rushing to try and finish constructing a dorm facility for short-term missionaries to sleep in. Our first of 10 summer teams arrives on June 4th and we are trying to have the facility livable and safe by then.

We are almost ready to finish…

fixin the plumbingOur workers are racing to install seven showers, five toilets and five sinks in the bathrooms. On the first floor of the dorms we will have a staff apartment with a private bathroom. We will also have two dorm rooms (one for boys and one for girls) each with a separate bathroom.

the electricityOn the first floor of the dorm there will be an industrial washroom with the ability to wash 60 sets of sheets. Each dorm room will have three ceiling fans and an abundance of electrical outlets to run floor fans, alarm clocks and cleaning equipment.

securityOur welder is working overtime to provide the utmost in security and ventilation. We are seeking to create a facility where everyone feels safe from intruders of the human and mosquito kind. The doors and windows are all overly secure, yet still allow for a breeze to pass through.

Please keep praying the finances become available to complete this work and our workers labor quickly.