We Have A Denomination

Back in May of 2008 we applied with the Honduran government to form a Christian denomination. Now, almost three years later, we have an official denomination recognized by the government of Honduras.

Our denomination is…get ready for this…”The Presbyterian Church in Honduras of the City of La Ceiba, in the State of Atlantida” (Iglesia Presbiteriana en Honduras de la Ciudad de La Ceiba, Departmento de Atlantida). Yeah, kind of a mouthful. While that is our official name we will go by “The Presbyterian Church in Honduras”.

Having a recognized denomination in Honduras helps us in many ways, including taxes, legal issues, and property rights. As we continue to build churches, medical clinics and schools the government will look more favorably upon our work and give us greater freedoms.

This first step opens the door to hiring pastors and forming congregations. It is quite a technical issue and can seem trivial, but this early step in our process will open many doors.