Our Lack Of Faith Will Not Impede God’s Will

Our team is rushing to try and finish constructing a dormitory for short-term missionaries. Our first of 10 summer teams arrives in Honduras on June 4th and we are trying to have the facility livable and safe by then.

We believe we do not have enough time or money to finish the dorm by June 4th, but missions work is about the daily discarding of sinful doubt and earthly knowledge. Everything in us screams that it can’t be done, but we refuse to listen to our brains and hearts and instead trust that our Lord wants this dorm completed by June 4th and therefore it will be done.

new tileThe tile for the showers, sinks and floor have been purchased and delivered. New tile is being laid on the floor. The colorful and cool tile adds a real visual pop to the dorm. It is a major upgrade from the drab cement floors.

The entire inside of the dorm is being painted. Ceilings, trim and walls are each receiving different colors. The fumes are filling the air and the building is beginning to look like a place we would love to live in.

knocking down the old wallIn our desire to keep visiting missionaries safe we realized that the 30-year-old back wall of the property was leaning, porous and crumbling. After several discussions we finally convinced our neighbor to let us demolish the old wall and erect a new stronger and higher wall that will add greater protection.

Our lack of faith will not impede God’s plan. In a 2008 interview Dr. Ligon Duncan said, “Our actions matter. Why do our actions matter? Because, God in His sovereignty appoints means to accomplish His purposes. And very often our choices, our desires, our actions are the means of God’s appointment for the accomplishment of His will.”