In A Hospital And At A Mission Conference

For four whirlwind days Erin is on the central coast of California. She is visiting her mother in the hospital in San Jose and participating in a mission conference in Paso Robles.

Penny, Erin’s mom, has been in the hospital for almost two months. She has been in and out of the Intensive Care Unit while the doctors address several serious problems. Knowing that Erin’s mom was in such poor health made it very hard for us to drive back to Honduras six weeks ago. But, having this opportunity to check in on her again does Erin’s heart well.

After Erin spends a day visiting her mom in the hospital she will drive three hours to Paso Robles to a three-day mission conference at Covenant Presbyterian Church. Erin will be making several presentations at Covenant’s first ever mission conference. Covenant has been such an active part of our ministry that attending their first mission conference was a priority for us.

It is always difficult for our family to be separated, but visiting Erin’s sick mom and promoting our ministry are great reasons to endure. Please be in prayer for Erin and her mom.