First Step Toward Helping Single Moms

Mike and our teammate Shannon just took the first step towards starting an exciting new ministry here in Honduras. They met with our Honduran attorney and presented a written plan to open a home for single moms. They talked about the pandemic nature of Honduran women who are pregnant or with new babies and are trapped in violent relationships, substance abuse or poverty.

Shannon has a heart for single moms and wants to create a home where these ladies can live temporarily, escape violence, discover a trade, become self-sufficient and learn about the grace and mercy of Jesus. Our attorney, a single mom herself, has previously volunteered many hours helping address this situation. She is thrilled to work with us on this project.

There are many social and legal barriers we must maneuver. Our team must be smart and intentional about this work, but there is such great need for this ministry. One could walk down the streets of La Ceiba and see many teenage mothers with babies in arms selling goods are even prostituting themselves to get by.

Please join us in praying as we attempt to launch this exciting new work.