We’re Going For It

Nine months ago we started construction on our downtown ministry center. Almost immediately we began building a dorm facility to sleep visiting short-term mission teams. Our target date for completion was this coming Saturday (June 4th), the arrival date of our first short-term mission team of the summer. It has been nip and tuck for months determining if our first mission team was actually going to have a completed dorm to sleep in or if (like our 22 previous teams) they would sleep in our home.

90 gallons of drinking waterWell, we have pulled the trigger. It is not certain if the entire dorm will be 100% complete by Saturday, June 4th, but the team WILL sleep in it nonetheless! On Tuesday we deconstructed the 10 bunk beds in our house and moved them to the dorm. In the last few days we installed five toilets, finished the sinks, hung the internal doors, duplicated all the keys, finished the ceiling fans, started an account for cable (internet), started a water delivery account and purchased 90 gallons of drinking water.

We still must install a few lights and shower curtains, reconstruct the bunks, build bathroom stalls and purchase things like floor fans, trashcans, water dispensers, refrigerators, surge protectors and more.

It is hard to believe, but it looks like it is going to happen. As recently as late last week we all expressed our doubts. Heck, a month ago we “knew” we didn’t have enough money. Our God can do anything. Father, we are so sorry for doubting you…again.