Leaders Conference, Medical Clinic And CPR

Our team had commented on how we knew Thursday was going to be an amazingly busy day. Boy, did we undersell that point. Had we known just how busy we were going to be we might have stayed in bed.

The early morning started with Mike and our teammates arriving at our dorms to continue working feverishly to finish them by the time the first mission team arrives on Saturday.

At 9:30am Erin, Mike, Maddy and a few of our teammates arrived in Armenia Bonito to host our weekly medical clinic. With Maddy at patient intake and Erin consulting with patients our clinic moved forward as per usual.

Mike drove into town to get a few things done and then went to the airport to pick up Bill Yarbrough, the Latin American Director of MTW. Bill is the speaker at our three-day pastors and leaders conference, which started Thursday night.

When Mike returned to Armenia Bonito Erin was in full-on-emergency-nurse mode. She was working with a very sick man who was likely suffering a stroke. After things got worse Erin laid Santos on Santos Ruben Alvaradothe floor and began performing one man CPR. She looked up and said, “Anyone else know CPR?”, knowing full well that Mike had taken CPR class on 10 different occasions. For the next 30 minutes Mike performed chest compressions and Erin continued breathing and applying drugs to Santos in an attempt to revive him as our mission team and the family stood around and prayed aloud. Please pray for the family of Santos Ruben Alvarado as they mourn his loss and rejoice his entrance into heaven.

Thursday evening our team started our three-day pastors and worship musicleaders conference. This conference is titled “Things Of The Heart” and is the fifth conference we have hosted in La Ceiba. Erin did registration, Mike was the master of ceremonies, our team performed Spanish worship music and Bill Yarbrough delivered his first night of lectures. Thirty-nine Hondurans attended the first night.

Our conference will continue Friday and Saturday and our team will continue to work on the dorms. Pray for us all.