Lots Of Rain, No Showers And Digging It

Our first short-term mission team is experiencing a few challenges, but are doing well. The 10 missionaries of Faith Presbyterian Church of Sonoma, CA are plugging along.

Sunday they attended our Gringo Church and then went out to Armenia Bonito and attended Honduran church. They have no water pressure in our new dorms, so they are taking bucket showers. Our teammate John is racing to install a cistern and pressure pump to provide them with showers.

diggin' itMonday, they awoke to pouring rain. It remained wet most of the day. When they arrived in Armenia Bonito they were divided into two groups. One group started digging a 3-foot deep trench on our property to help build the foundation for a 200-foot fence to divide the high school from the rest of the ministry center.

The second group moved a thousand cinder blocks and started building an exterior wall on the home of the Alvarado family.

In the afternoon the team ate lunch, played soccer and colored with the kids from Armenia Bonito. The group then joined in and English classhelped teach our weekly English class. The 14 students learned the words for clothing. In the second half of class each student paired up with a gringo missionary and worked on proper pronunciation. With help from their own personal gringo the students recited the vocabulary and read a passage from the book of John.

With the rain, travel and lack of showers the mission team has been challenged. But, they are working hard and jumping right in.