Pentecost, Pressure And Pails Of Cement

The 10 short-term missionaries from Faith Presbyterian Church of Sonoma, CA are doing a great job. They are a blessing to our ministry and the people of La Ceiba.

Tuesday morning the team continued construction work at both our ministry center in Armenia Bonito and on the Alverado home.

In the Afternoon the team helped to lead a Kids Club. The kids learned about Pentecost and the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Faith workingdisciples. The team helped the kids build a kite as their craft. The kite symbolized the wind and the wind represented the movement of the Holy Spirit…get it?

On Wednesday morning the team worked at our downtown ministry center. They mixed mountains of cement and hauled hundreds of cinderblocks to the second floor of the dorm. In the afternoon we Faith making tortillasall ate lunch prepared by a Honduran family on a wood-burning oven. After lunch we took a few dozen kids to the local swimming hole for a few hours.

Our teammate John completed the installation of the water cistern and the pump. And, after addressing a half dozen other issues supplied water to the bathrooms in the dorms. Wednesday night the team took their first showers since arriving in Honduras.