Breaking Up Cement And A Blow Out

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity for the 10 short-term missionaries from Faith Presbyterian Church of Sonoma, CA. And, now it is time to go.

Thursday morning the group worked on more construction at our ministry center and at the Alvarado home. At the Alvarado’s they continued demolition and renovation. Parts of the cement floor were busted up to make room for new sturdy walls.

medical clinicThe team also helped us host a medical clinic where we treated 35 patients. With the help of the team and a Honduran volunteer nurse the patients received a Bible study, diagnostic work, evangelism tracts, prayer, personal consultation, medicine and individual health education. It was a very good clinic.

Watching Honduras soccerThe team relaxed a little on Friday, their last full day in Honduras. In the early part of the day they saw the beautiful sites of Honduras and went shopping. In the evening we returned to Armenia Bonito and projected an important soccer match for the community to watch. We handed out evangelism tracts to the 50 people who attended. It was great to see the crowd go nuts as the Honduran national soccer team beat Grenada 7-1.

We certainly appreciate the effort and heart of this team.  They leave Honduras Saturday and we will clean the dorms and prepare for our next visitors.