Cross-Cultural Quinceanera

the party goersIn many parts of Latin America the Quinceañera is a major celebration. It is the commemoration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday and it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. In Honduras many families spend more money than they take in a year to celebrate their first daughter’s Quinceañera. On Tuesday we celebrated our daughter’s 15th birthday by holding a modest Quinceañera for her and a dozen friends.

Madison taking a whackThis may have been the weirdest Quinceañera ever hosted. It wasn’t quite Honduran and definitely not North American, but embraced parts of both cultures. Madison invited friends covering her very diverse lifestyle. Attending the party were poorer and more wealthy Hondurans, kids, adult and North Americans. The games and the food were from both cultures and the music was decidedly North American.

In the end this cross-cultural celebration was a perfect representation of Madison…somewhere between two cultures, simultaneously walking in two age groups, yet always fun.