Picks, Pronunciation And Puddles

The seven-person mission team from Christ Community Church in Gainesville, FL is serving well.

On Sunday the team received a tour of the city and training on child sexual abuse prevention. They attended an English worship service in our home and went out to Armenia Bonito for Spanish church service. Rain fell in the afternoon.

building a wallMonday was their first day of work in Armenia Bonito. Some of the missionaries worked on our ministry center while others continued a home renovation for the Alvarado family. Clouds covered the sky and rain loomed in the distance. This kept the worksites relatively cool.

English classAfter lunch and some time playing and singing with the local kids the mission team helped teach an English class. The group helped individual students with pronunciation and reading.

Following a little car trouble we got the team back to the Clow’s home where they received dinner and a devotional. It was a stellar first couple of days.