The Long And The Short Of It

Manor Presbyterian ChurchThe short-term mission team from Manor Presbyterian Church of Cochranville, PA arrived late Saturday night. When the 17-person team showed up we put them straight to bed.

But, we didn’t let them rest too long. Sunday morning we picked them up before 8am and returned them to their dorms just before 10pm. We started the day with a child sexual abuse awareness training, a tour of the city and a cultural orientation.

Communion at Gringo ChurchIn the afternoon they joined us for Gringo Church. Shannon led us through some music, John directed us in prayer and Mike delivered a study from Romans. Pastor Nate from Manor administered communion for us. Our hour and a half English service was great.

We then took the team to a Honduran church in Armenia Bonito. The Spanish language service lasted nearly three hours and the guest pastor preached for an hour and 15 minutes on end times.

Welcome to Honduras…that’s the long and short of it.