Adios Madison

Mike and MadisonOn Wednesday Mike and Madison drive away from La Ceiba. They spend the night in San Pedro Sula (3 hours away) in order to get Madison on her 7am flight to the U.S.

Our 15-year-old daughter will fly to New York City and spend the entire month of July serving as a cross-cultural intern at an MTW training for 30 future missionaries and their families. At this training the future missionaries will receive some of their final training and instruction before departing to work in countries all over the world.

Madison will assist in preparing the future missionaries. She will lend her experience as a missionary kid and her four years of living abroad to help equip the missionaries to serve.

Mike and Erin will greatly miss Maddy, but it is such a blessing knowing she will serve others and help to prepare them for their work as missionaries. Madison’s work and sacrifice will have a hand in impacting God’s work all over the world.

Thanks to everyone who helped make Madison’s work a financial reality.

Please remember to pray for her through July.