Welcome To The Jungle

Our 15-year-old daughter Madison is working hard in New York City. She is there for the month of July serving as an MTW cross-cultural intern and helping to train 30 new missionaries as they prepare to serve around the world.

Maddy creating a jungleMadison spent Sunday afternoon preparing her classroom for the Monday start of the vacation bible school she is helping to put on. This weeklong VBS will be hosted by Ascension Church in Queens. The title of the VBS is “A Prayer Safari” and has a jungle theme. Madison will be responsible for the younger kids at the VBS.

Covenant Community Church of Scottsdale, AZOn Sunday our team welcomed Covenant Community Church to the real jungle of Honduras. CovCom is from Scottsdale, AZ and is our fourth short-term mission team of the summer. This is the third time CovCom has served by our sides in La Ceiba.

Mike has now been sick for a week. He did not work with the team on Sunday and will stay home again Monday. Please pray for God’s heeling of Mike.