You Are Fired

You are firedToday our teammate John and Mike have to fire 12 construction workers from our staff. This evening four men from our downtown ministry center and eight men in our Armenia Bonito ministry center will find themselves, yet again, unemployed. Tonight 12 Honduran families will again be without income.

For over 18 months the financial donations for our two ministry centers have been like the peaks and valleys of a mountain range. One month money comes in and then nothing for several months. In the past two months we have received almost no financial support for these two building projects. This puts us in the position where we must fire half our construction staff in an attempt to keep moving forward, albeit at a slower speed.

This is a very hard decision for us. It is the first time we have taken a step backwards in the construction of either of our two ministry centers. Yet, we trust in God’s provision and His perfect timing.

We know that God will provide for all the needs of these families (Philippians 4:19). We know that God values these men more than we ever could (Luke 12:7). And, we know that the things we worry about are easy for God to take care of (Matthew 6:31-32). It still is not easy for us. We were sent to Honduras to provide God’s gospel, love and mercy and now we are making life harder for dozens of the very people we were sent to help. This is one of the most difficult things we have had to do in our three years serving in Honduras.

Please pray for John and Mike as they perform this emotional and difficult task. Pray for the 12 families that will be impacted by this decision.  And, pray that this does not negatively impact our relations in the community of Armenia Bonito.