The Team Is Finally Here

Rincon Mountain PresbyterianIn a period of spiritual warfare why would we assume anything would go well? Our next short-term team is finally here. The 17-person mission team from Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church of Tucson, AZ is here. Their planes had mechanical difficulty and they were delayed a day and their bags still haven’t arrived.

On Sunday we took most of the team through sexual abuse awareness training. Then following a cultural briefing and a community tour they joined us for Gringo Church. Mike preached a message on Romans and Pastor Phil administered communion for all of us.

The team was able to borrow a change of clothes and a supply of toothbrushes from our ministry supplies. This will help them get through Monday, but we need prayer that their bags arrive quickly in La Ceiba.

Our team shared with the group from Rincon how we have been under great spiritual attack recently. Unfortunately, they are learning firsthand how Satan is trying to slow our ministry. But, this great has a great spirit and is taking it all in stride.