More Spiritual Battles And Lots Of Blessings

The 17-person mission team from Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church of Tucson, AZ had a great Monday. The team’s lost luggage all arrived. It is about time, as they were all looking a little fashion challenged wearing old clothes from previous mission teams.

The community of Armenia Bonito was greatly blessed by the team’s efforts on Monday. The group from Rincon Mountain worked on constructing a home for a single mom, did construction on our ministry center and hosted a medical clinic. In the afternoon they taught English to a dozen students.

Our family and our team were additionally blessed as the arrival of the delayed luggage. Our family and our ministry were given gifts from the church. They showered us with vitamins, pain medication and blood pressure cuffs. The team didn’t know, but our ministry ran out of all those items last Thursday. God’s timing is perfect.

The spiritual warfare continued as our team backed one of our cars into a light pole and we had several medical problems. Several people on the short-term team had hydration issues and one of the Clow kids cracked a tooth and had an emergency dentist visit. Everyone is healthy, happy and ready to work, but aware we are in a battle.