Parasite, Parachute And Parable

The 17-person mission team from Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church of Tucson, AZ had a very busy day of work in the unforgiving Honduran heat on Thursday. Not much slows this crew down.

Dr. MiguelOn their third and final day of medical clinic they treated 60 patients for a total 120 on the week. There was lots of health education, evangelism and prayer with each patient. The team treated parasites, ear infections, urinary track infection and fungal infections. We even had lots of new patients come down from the mountains for the first time.

building it highConstruction work continued on a new home for the Sandoval family. The team even received a rare visit from the three Sandoval kids (Vivian, Yesica and Daniel), two of whom are mute. The Rincon workers built the walls six blocks high all the way around and will let the next mission team pick up from there.

parachuteIn the afternoon, after another yummy lunch of PB&J, many of the Rincon team played with the younger kids and teens on the field. There was lots of soccer, coloring and even a big parachute. It was fun to have fellowship and fun and very rare to involve all ages at the same time.

Like the parable of the Good Samaritan Rincon has spent time showing love to unloved, including drug dealers, poor people and the neglected.