Book Review: The World-Tilting Gospel

The World-Tilting GgospelDan Phillips has served as pastor in four churches, taught seminary classes, preached, presented seminars, written newspaper columns and hosted a radio talk show. He is most broadly known for his writing on the Pyromaniacs blog, and at his own blog, Biblical Christianity.

This was a very enjoyable book. The author does a wonderful job of combining modern popular cultural references, a warped sense of humor and an uncanny knowledge of the original Greek and Hebrew bible. His original analyses and input into difficult topics are well footnoted and referenced.

The author makes a concerted effort to take difficult topics and analyze them in a serious, yet entertaining way. Seldom have I seen such sober, difficult and challenging topics discussed in a manner that makes the reader feel entertained. But, I must stress here. The entertainment value DOES NOT detract from the depth or reverence the author dedicates to the topics within.

It is my belief that this book can be read and enjoyed by teenagers and well initialed (MDiv, PhD, etc) readers alike. Proceed with bravery. The author is not afraid to loving step on a few toes or sacrifice a few sacred cows, but always respectfully and with lots of biblical backup.