Orientation And Church For Trinity

On Sunday the 10-person medical team from Trinity Presbyterian of Harrisburg, PA completed their first full day in Honduras. It was a little humid, but otherwise a nice day.

vitaminsIn the morning the team from Trinity provided a nice treat for our fulltime mission team. They cooked us a great brunch. It was a wonderful blessing for a visiting team to actually cook for us. That doesn’t happen too often. The team also sorted and organized all the medicine they brought from the U.S. Among their gifts to our ministry was a new single church record of 18,450 vitamins. Way to go Trinity!

worship in SpanishAfter a tour of La Ceiba the team joined us for Gringo Church. Mike taught a lesson from Romans, Erin and Shannon provided worship music and John guided us through prayer. After dinner we went to Armenia Bonito and attended Spanish language worship at one of the local churches. The team had a very cultural experience.

This is going to be a busy week. To receive pictures, stories and prayer needs about Trinity’s work follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and this blog.