Molar, Mammary And Marker

On Monday the 10-person medical team from Trinity Presbyterian of Harrisburg, PA completed their first full day of work in Honduras.

dentist pulling teethThe team put on an amazing all-day medical clinic in the poor community of Armenia Bonito. They treated 74 patients in all. The clinic ushered in the first dentist to ever serve with our ministry. With a lawn chair and cinderblocks serving as his dental chair Dr. Wade pulled teeth on 20 patients. The team also had a radiologist that brought a portable ultrasound and treated 16 patients. Included in some of Dr. Greg’s ultrasound patients were many pregnant moms looking at their babies for the first time, a woman with a severe abscess on a breast and the checking of gal bladders, kidneys and thyroids.

English clasThe group also did some amazing work outside of the medical clinic. They helped with a little construction work on our ministry center and a house for a poor family. They also played with kids all day and then helped out at our weekly English class.

Definitely an amazing day of mercy and justice.  To receive pictures, stories and prayer needs about Trinity’s work follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and this blog.