Broken Teeth, Saved Life And Tossed Sea

On Tuesday the 10-person medical team from Trinity Presbyterian of Harrisburg, PA completed their second amazing day of work in Honduras.

Erin and Dr. GregThe team put on their second full medical clinic in the super poor community of Armenia Bonito and saw 85 patients. Dr. Gina, Dr. Jiaro and Nurse Heidi treated 48 patients. Dr. Greg treated 21 patients with his ultrasound. He likely saved the life of one woman who he diagnosed with placenta previa. Had she not had this information she could have lost her life and the life of her baby. Dr. Wade treated 16 patients in his dental chair. He extracted lots of teeth including a couple of broken teeth that turned into minor surgeries.

Kids ClubThe group hosted a Kids Club for 22 kids. They told the story of Jesus calming the sea from Mark 4. They sang songs, performed a skit and did a great craft with the kids. The team also continued helping with construction on a house and on our ministry center.

It sure was a busy day.  To receive pictures, stories and prayer needs about Trinity’s work follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and this blog.