Tropical Storm Harvey Hits La Ceiba – Update 3 (7am)

HarveyTropical Storm Harvey is currently sitting directly on our city of La Ceiba, Honduras. Heavy rains have fallen constantly since 10pm.  While storm winds are gusting at 70 mph the winds in La Ceiba are not very strong.

Heavy winds and thunder storms are forecast for our area the rest of Saturday morning and throughout the day Saturday.

mapThe short-term mission team from Trinity Presbyterian was on their scheduled 6am flight from La Ceiba to San Pedro Sula.  It left as scheduled without any delays.  They made it to San Pedro Sula and are on their way home! Our next team from Covenant Presbyterian is scheduled to arrive in La Ceiba Saturday at 2:25pm if there are no weather delays.

Please be in prayer for the travel of our two mission teams, the safety of our team and family and the people of Honduras.

We will keep you posted via this blog and Twitter as new information becomes available.