Roof, Baleada And River

The eight-person mission team from Covenant Presbyterian Church of Paso Robles, CA worked hard and played hard on Wednesday.

working on the houseThe team spent the morning working on framing the roof of a new house we are building for a single mom and her three kids. Covenant is racing forward to try and get the house as close to finished as they can before they leave on Saturday.

For lunch the team joined a local family and had a meal prepared on a wood-burning stove. They helped make their own food, which was a national dish called a baleada.

swimming in the riverIn the afternoon the team took the kids to a local river to have a little fun. Covenant and 20 kids played and laughed and had a good time. In a community where most houses only have one parent it is rare for these kids to receive individual attention from adults or teens.

On Thursday Covenant continues construction work and will help host a medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. To receive pictures, stories and prayer needs about Covenant’s work follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and this blog.