Still Helping Our Ex-Employees

You will recall over a month ago we fired 12 of the construction workers building our two ministry centers. This was due to low and inconsistent finances for those two projects.

That was heartbreaking for us. These are good men with families. Plus, it is hard to find jobs in Honduras. The unemployment rate is over 35%, few construction jobs exist and if they do find new jobs they will likely only be paid $12/day.

When we fired these workers John and Mike promised we would continue to provide a little help if they needed it. a little helpUnfortunately, most of the men still have not found new employment. When the men ask for help, which is a huge pride issue, we provide their families with a few provisions. Each family gets rice, beans, sugar, coffee, milk, flour, a bible, an evangelism tract and more.

On Friday we are handing out a few more bags of food to some of our ex-employees. Please pray their families are taken care of and that these men can find employment.