Pray For George

George is very dear to our ministry. He is a good kid and at 14 years old is at a crossroad in his life. Like many kids in Armenia Bonito he comes from a single parent home.

GeorgeUp until last week George was one of the five kids receiving financial assistance from our ministry to attend high school. With just two months left in the school year George decided to drop out of school and forgo any further financial assistance to attend school. Additional school is now out of reach for George.

George is a Christian and has better Bible knowledge than most of his peers. He wasn’t a star student, but he was passing. He was about to complete his 8th grade year.

In Honduras the average person has only 6.1 years of education. Less than 1/3rd of the kids attend school beyond the sixth grade. All schooling beyond the 6th grade is private and most families in a culture where the average person makes $3,000 a year cannot afford to send their kids to school.

By forgoing education George has guaranteed he will not have any easy future. It is our prayer that as George turns away from school he does not turn towards the easy money of drugs and gangs. Please pray that George turns towards Christ.