Meet Our Teammate: Bethany Russell

Bethany RussellBethany is about to complete a one-year internship with us here in Honduras. She is a 24-year-old from Maryland and has a BA in Missions from Geneva College. Before coming to us Bethany had completed several mission trips and internships to Mexico and Belgium.

After spending last October in Costa Rica to brush up her Spanish Bethany arrived in Honduras in November of 2010. She will conclude her internship at the end of September and return to the U.S.

Bethany has been our primary ESL teacher in Armenia Bonito. She also was one of our discipleship instructors for our weekly girls discipleship program. While those are very important ministries, one of the most exciting ministries Bethany did was a weekly girls Bible study. She initiated the study on her own and spent some quality time with some of the older girls from Armenia Bonito.

Bethany is a favorite of the kids in Armenia Bonito. She has spent much time cultivating relationships and loving on the children in that community. Bethany’s quiet spirit, easy laugh and attentive ear are perfect tools to work with kids.

Our team and our family have appreciated and deeply love Bethany. She is a wonderful person and a hard worker. She has added so much to our ministry and we will miss her dearly. Bethany is welcome back to our home and our ministry anytime.

Please pray for Bethany as she transitions back to the U.S. and begins the next chapter of her walk with Christ.