Happy Honduran Independence Day

Honduran FlagSeptember 15th is Honduran Independence Day. This year Honduras is celebrating 190 years of independence from Spain.

In Honduras this day is celebrated passionately. The flag is raised across the country. Schools, banks and government buildings remain closed for celebrations and children participate whole-heartedly in parades with music and dancing. Events will continue throughout the day, with the parade of high schools, as well as cultural events carrying out the customs and traditions of Honduras. Each group in the parade wears different colors and features cheerleaders and musical instruments. The parade carries a decidedly military feel with some of the kids carry toy guns and military barrettes.

Honduras Independence Day festivities start early in the morning. Fiesta Catracha is celebrated with parties and lots of food. Typical Honduran foods such as beans, tamales, baleadas, with chicharron and tortillas are offered.