Mike In Turkey – Final Thoughts

Mike has been in Izmir, Turkey attending MTW’s LEAD conference. LEAD is a worldwide leadership training for MTW’s mission Team Leaders and national patterns. Mike is now preparing to travel back to Honduras.

In attendance were 14 MTW office staff, 33 national partners and 87 MTW missionary Team Leaders. It was exciting to see 134 leader/servants from around the world serve each other.

Each day we put in nearly 12-hour days. The mornings began with our group spending one-hour in prayer, reading and singing in a myriad of different languages and styles. Dr. Paul Koistra, the Director of MTW, provided daily lectures on the topic of leadership. Dr. Richard Pratt also provided daily lectures of service and grace. Dr. Pratt is the President and Fonder of Third Millennium ministry.

Our afternoons were full with panel discussions and breakout groups. In the panels we received some very challenging input from the nationals we work with. In the breakout sessions we attempted to solve some of the problems we heard about.

While Turkey was a long way for Mike to travel it was very central for many other MTW Team Leaders (Europe, Asia, Africa & Enterprise). However, there is no other way to receive this diverse of an education and insight without a worldwide gathering. It would be impossible to hear this level of input any other way.

The worship and organization were top notch and the teaching will benefit our work in Honduras and the work of other missionaries around the world. It was wonderful for Mike to meet with and learn from missionaries with 30+ years of field experience.