First Ever Team Honduras Women’s Retreat

On Monday five of the women of Team Honduras began the first ever Team Honduras Women’s Retreat here in Honduras. This five-day event is designed to allow these women to pray and study together. It allows the women a chance to get to know each other better, serve each other and to create bonds that will enhance our ministry in Honduras.

Team Honduras Women's RetreatTuesday morning Mike kicked off the retreat with an hour-long talk. He told the women how they were chosen for this ministry because of their dedication to Christ and their commitment to the implementation of God’s will. Mike explained how he as the Team Leader will strive to do everything he can to enable and facilitate their service and ministry.

Throughout the week the women are ministering to each other. Each participant was given a topic in advance and asked to prepare an hour-long discussion. The topics were based off of the personality and strengths of each person. Ashely is talking about Prayer. Kathy is talking about Finding Balance. Shannon is talking about the Will Of God. Erin is talking about Compassion, Mercy And Justice. And, Kate is talking about Loving The Unlovable. Each woman will lead the group in study, prayer and discussion.

For the women of our team this is a time of refreshing and renewing. For five days they are free from family and responsibilities and are given the chance to enjoy each other and the love of God.