Getting Ready For The Roof On The Medical Clinic

You may recall a month ago we asked for support for three roof projects. We didn’t receive sufficient support to build all three of the roofs, but we did receive sufficient support to build the roof on the medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. So, that is exactly what we are doing.

support framesWe have purchased all the material and have started framing the roof. The support framing is in place. Our teammate John is implementing a great idea for this roof. Instead of purchasing raw lumber for framing we have purchased decorative wood flooring, like you’d put on the floor in your home. But, we are going to turn it upside down, put it on the ceiling and pour the cement directly on top of it. When everything dries, and after we have sanded and stained the wood, we will have a decorative wood ceiling on the inside.

support polesOne of the major ways we are saving money are with the support poles. Normally, in order to support the weight of the wet cement you would purchase lumber and brace the framing. Instead we are paying two men to cut 200+ trees off of the property of a local landowner. This does three things – It clears his land so the landowner can build on it, it gives jobs to two men, and it gives us support beams at 1/3rd the cost of using lumber.

It is exciting to know that we will likely get this ceiling done before rainy season begins. This way our workers will be able to work under cover for the four months of daily rains.