Mike In Atlanta For Health Concerns – Part I

Since July Mike has had a weird medical issue. As you may recall from previous posts, since July Mike’s left arm has been lacking 60% of its strength and has been numb from shoulder to fingertips. This inexplicable problem has been a burden for too long.

Following several medical checks and the loving concern of friends and family Mike has gone to Atlanta to focus on his health and try to solve this mystery affliction. On Monday Mike flew from Honduras and will stay in Georgia until his arm problem is solved. We are planning on 2-3 weeks, but are praying it isn’t that long.

On Tuesday Mike had his first doctor appointment. It was with a neurologist. While nothing was definitively settled the neurologist, with consultations from two other neurologists, were able to rule out a few possibilities, but also raised new questions.

Mike has a second doctor appointment on Wednesday and is scheduled for an Electromyography (EMG) test on Tuesday. The EMG will measure the electrical activity of the muscles in his left hand, arm and shoulder and will help eliminate concerns. Thus far everyone has been graciously accommodating our geographic limitations as we are trying to jam several months of tests and doctor visits into a couple weeks.

This blog will be updated as new information is available. Please pray for Mike and the doctors treating him and pray for Erin and Maddy who remain home in Honduras.