A Family Divided

It is a difficult season for our family. We are separated into three time zones and divided by thousands of miles.

Mike is in the South. For almost two weeks he has been addressing health issues in Atlanta. On the weekends he has also been visiting supporting churches in Alabama and South Carolina.

Erin is in California helping her parents. Her mother is very ill in the hospital and the prognosis is not good as she is believed to be terminal. As a nurse and a daughter she is able to help the doctors and her father communicate when treating Erin’s mother.

Madison remains home in Honduras so she can attend school and tend to our home. Our teammate Kathy is getting Madison to and from school and feeding her and is there for emergencies. There is a major rainstorm rolling through Honduras this weekend and Madison will take care of our home as nearly a foot of rain is scheduled to fall.

The three of us are very close and this is a difficult time for us. Being apart is hard. With Mike’s health and Erin’s mom it is even more complicated. Thankfully we have been in daily communication. We are able to video chat via Skype several times each day and that makes it a little easier.

Please pray for our family as we are so far apart and missing each other terribly.