A New Kind Of English Class For The Kids

For three years we have been teaching English classes for kids, youth and adults. The people of Armenia Bonito greatly desire to learn English. Learning English is an advantage when seeking a job in a culture with a 35% unemployment rate. For our ministry teaching English classes is another way to share the gospel and build relationships.

On Monday Mike started a weekly English class focused on the younger kids. This new class will last two months.

The kids in this super-poor community seldom play with jigsaw puzzles or color in coloring books. Rarely does anyone read stories to these kids in this highly illiterate community. But, like all kids, they absolutely adore puzzles, coloring and story time.

Mike started this new class with 20-minutes of basic vocabulary. He then invited all the kids to come to the front and pick the puzzle, crayons or book of their choice. The kids rushed to the front and scattered to the floor. Mike spent the next hour traveling from kid to kid, asking each to repeat after him as he pointed to the pictures in front of them. Depending on the ability of each child they learned English vocabulary for colors, body parts or animals.

Goodnight MoonAt the end of class Mike invited all the kids to join in a group and he read the Spanish version of Goodnight Moon. He paused periodically to quiz the kids on the English pronunciation of something on each page of the book.

Fun, learning and relationships…that’s something new for these kids.