Cure For What Ails You

This week Mike and Erin hosted our regular medical clinic in the poor community of Armenia Bonito. Twenty-five patients were treated and an abnormally high number of very sick people were seen. For a brief period we are the only members of our mission team in Honduras, so this clinic was staffed by just the two of us. Mike did patient intake and managed everything and Erin acted as the care provider and pharmacist.

Mike prayingMike checked each person’s blood pressure, blood sugar, height, weight and marked down the primary complaints. Mike then prayed with and shared the gospel with each person. Each adult was given a Spanish language gospel tract and the kids were provided with gospel coloring sheets.

Jesus is concerned with both our spiritual and physical health (Matthew 9:1-8, 1 Thessalonians 5:12-22, 3 John 1:2). Scripture calls us to serve others by sharing His gospel and by being His hands and feet on earth and by showing His mercy and justice. Our weekly medical clinics are a beautiful unification of two of our major callings as Christians – to share the gospel (Mark 16:15) and to serve the poor (Matthew 25:31-46).