Ground Breaking For Homeless Kids

StreetChild drop-in centerIt is thrilling to report that our construction workers have started building our StreetChild drop-in center at our downtown ministry center. The foundation of the building is complete. When finished this facility will provide clean clothes, a hot meal, a shower, a soft bed and safety for the homeless kids of La Ceiba.

There are upwards of 10,000 kids living on the streets of Honduras. With an average annual income of $3,000 and an unemployment rate above 30% the people of Honduras cannot care for their most vulnerable citizens. These kids frequently sleep on the streets, sniff glue, rob local stores and have been known to prostitute themselves.

Our newest teammate Kate arrives in Honduras in a week. Working with homeless kids is her passion. Our StreetChild drop-in center is where Kate will spend her time. Kate will build relationships, love the kids and share the gospel with them.

God has a heart for the poor (Psalm 10:14) and He calls His followers to care for the needy (1 Timothy 6:18). Our StreetChild drop-in center will allow us to demonstrate Christ’s heart for serving those most in need, demonstrating justice to those most oppressed and showing mercy to those with the greatest pain.