Unassisted Triple Play

Mike and Madison are the only members of our mission team in Honduras. The rest of our team, including Erin, is out of the country tending to business. For this week Mike was called upon to keep our ministry going on his own. Of course, this is nothing any of our teammates wouldn’t also do.

Mike teaching EnglishOn Monday Mike taught ESL in Armenia Bonito. The 22 students were given puzzles and coloring books. As they worked on their materials Mike walked around to each individual and quizzed them on the English names for the colors, body parts and animals in front of them. At the end of class the students were gathered together and Mike read a few bible stories from Spanish picture books. On each page Mike stopped to quiz the group about the English name for something on that page.

Mike teaching Kid's ClubTuesday afternoon Mike taught our weekly Kids Club. The 25 kids played games and sang bible songs. They were read the story of creation from Genesis and Mike acted out a gospel presentation. The kids continued their weekly catechism lesson. They memorized two verses and then lined up to receive individual testing on their weekly verse memorization and catechism questions.

Mike at Medical ClinicAll day Thursday Mike hosted a stripped down version of our weekly medical clinic. He provided multivitamins and checked height, weight, blood pressure and blood sugar. Where needed the patients also received pills to kill parasitic worms or Advil for pain. All 25 of the patients received individual prayer and evangelism.

Our entire team returns to Honduras on Monday.