Meet Our Teammate: Shannon Innes

Shannon InnesShannon arrived in La Ceiba on May 1st. She has joined our team for two years. Shannon earned a degree in mathematics from Presbyterian College in South Carolina. She is from Cary, North Carolina where she served on the staff of Peace Presbyterian Church.

Before serving fulltime in Honduras Shannon previous participated in short-term mission work in India, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. She grew up in a Christian home with three siblings.

Shannon is gifted in the areas of faith, hospitality and sheperding. It seems as if the Lord has been preparing her all her life for the type of work she is doing here in La Ceiba. Her primary ministry in Honduras is the establishment of a home for single mothers. She has rented and furnished a house that will serve as a refuge for young mothers escaping chemical dependency, violence or life on the streets. Shannon will be guiding these young girls and their children into self-sufficiency and knowledge of the Lord.

Our team and our family are so fortunate to have Shannon on our side. Her honest love for us all is evident and appreciated. She is a great friend to each member of our family. She is genuinely loved and appreciated by each us.

Please pray for Shannon as she battles the difficulties encountered when starting a new ministry in a foreign country.